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November 7, 2008

Slowly but surely I'm working my way to the web page.  As we all know it's in need of some attention.

I thought it would be great to post something for the Holidays to entice you all.  Mr. Nutcracker is a design from The Stitchworks, and I find him absolutely adorable. Mom stitched him up in less than 3 weeks, and Kris finished him off as a stand-up. He would make a perfect gift, or you could stand him by a doorway or place him by a roaring fireplace. I know there are lots of nutcracker lovers out there.

I'm working to get him completely set up as a kit for you to purchase, take home and stitch right up.  Or you can always buy the chart by itself.

Keep watching the Web Page for changes in the coming year!

Happy Stitching!!


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